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how to embed a pdf into a content page ?

how to embed pdf into a content page the upload into file??

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Community Coach

Hello @kurt_heffron ...

Does this Guide help to answer your question?  How do I insert course files into the Rich Content Editor using the Content Selector as an instructo...

Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care...stay well.

Where is the file tab?  Was this a feature in the original rich content editor that is somewhere else in the new rich content editor?  I've been trying to find a way to embed a pdf, but all of the resources I can find show using the files tab, which is not showing up when I go to edit:



Can't find this: 




Sorry, but none of those answered what I was asking.  I just want to embed a pdf file in a page or assignment so that when students click on that page or assignment, they don't have to then click on another link that takes them to the pdf.  I want the pdf to essentially be the page.  It looks like this is possible with the older version because there was the menu on the top right that allowed embedding documents, but it is no longer there.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @HHanger ...

I actually do think that the second-to-last link I gave you is the one you want to look at again.  How do I upload a document in the New Rich Content Editor as an instructor?  If I am understanding your question correctly, you'd like to link to a PDF file on a Canvas page, but you also want that PDF to open up right away for your students instead of students having to click on another link once they are on the page to display file.  In the Guide that I have linked for you, the last sentence in the third paragraph of the blue box at the top of this Guide says, "You can disable the in-line preview or open the in-line preview automatically."  Then, scroll about half-way down the Guide, and look for the section on "View Document Link" and then the heading "View Link Options".  You'll see there is a check-box for "Automatically open an in-line preview".  I think this is what you'd want...again, based on your latest reply.

I'm hoping this will help to answer your question, but if I'm still not understanding what you are wanting, please let me know.  Take care...