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iOS App issues x2

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1) My students try to submit a link for an assignment.  When they press down on their iPad to paste the link, the taskbar (to insert and show the link) goes away.  Is there a way to fix this?  They cannot see what they have pasted.

2) My students see "Turn in Again" when they have not turned in an assignment yet.  This makes them think they already turned it in - when in fact, I don't see anything.  There is no link or file showing.  Please fix!

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Community Team


I am going to submit a ticket for you.

Here is your ticket number #1532922

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I just tried it myself.  When I held down with my finger and then selected paste I didn't see the URL.  But I waited and after a couple of seconds the whole web page showed up in on the screen.  I think maybe they just need to wait a couple of seconds and they they will see it too.  See my pic below.  Now I have the option to submit it.


Their link is a Google Drive link usually that they submit. It is an extra step to have them log in to Google Drive- but then they should be able to view the page - is that the only solution?

><> ><> ><> ><>

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi sara.chai

I was doing some testing this morning and coming up with some very strange results.  Can you help provide some more detail of how you are setting up the assignment.  When you set up the assignment do you set it for online submission>a website URL. 

Then when students are in the ios app do they click on the assignment>submission>turn in?

Thank you.

I am having them submit via a website URL.  Usually this is a link from a folder within Google Drive.

correct, but can you tell the process you go through to setup the assignment.  And then the process the students go through to submit it.

To set up an assignment, I add the assignment.

I add directions for the students and any files they need in the text box.

I make sure points, assignment group, and display grade are how I usually would like them.

I make sure in terms of submission type that students can submit via online URL - as I don't want them loading a huge file onto Canvas.

I then set up the due date and time where it will be locked.

When students submit, they are usually doing so via the iOS app. (It has not been super reliable though recently and has taken a long time t

They go to the assignment they want to turn in (after they have completed it).

They tap on Submission.

They tap on Turn In (and here is where it sometimes says Turn in Again even though they have not turned it in yet).

Then, they tap turn in via online URL.

They push their finger in the task bar to paste the URL.

Then, the task bar goes away and they may see a small circle (when pressing down still).

Then, they tap Paste.

They cannot see the URL but they can see usually and log in to check to make sure the link was right.

This seems laborious.

That does seem rather laborious.  Is this for all your students or just some of them.  I am asking because I was having trouble submitting items using the iOS app until I applied the most recent iOS update (8.3) to my iPad and now everything works fine.  This could be a cause of the issue as the iOS doesn't automatically update like other operating systems, Just a thought.  

Hi Ryan,

Good thought to update.  We have some times where the students are supposed to wait to update their iOS and other times where they can do so right away.  It does cause issues with app updates too.

Are you saying that the app update causes you to be able to see the URL you are pasting?  Does that also take away the "turn in again" issues?

I'm not specifically sure about the Canvas app needing an update (it may as this could be a bug that needs to be fixed) I was just stating in general I was having issues, not specifically the URL pasting, with Canvas and other apps and they are working better since I updated my iPad. 

Have you tried filing a support ticket in the help center? They may not be aware of the problem or may already have a solution to it.