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iOS app and navigation menu settings

This may have been responded to elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything - if so, if someone could guide me in the right direction!

Some of our teachers have set up a custom navigation menu for their courses, removing items they have no desire to use (i.e. collaborations, SCORM etc) to either avoid clutter or avoid confusion.

I added myself as a student to one of these courses to check what it looks like on the app. It appears that the custom navigation settings are not kept, with the app showing all options.

I am wondering if it is just because I am an admin at the account level that I can see all the navigation menu items? Or does the app not have the ability to adhere to custom settings?

Being at home I can't check what a student would see.


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Community Member I do not believe that what you are seeing is the normal behavior. I was just testing the ios app last week because an instructor was stating that even after hiding the Course Syllabus page, students were able to access it. I attempted to replicate the issue without success. When I hid the Syllabus page in a test course and then logged in under a mock student account on my iPad, I could not see the Syllabus link in the left-hand navigation. What you were seeing may have been due to your user role.

Thanks Jeffrey. I am hoping it's just that I am an admin.

I will check tomorrow (Monday) with a student.


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