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iOS app cannot pinch-in/out (Zoom in/out) any image

Hi, all.
I make a page with attach some jpg image.
I cannot pinch-in/out any image (both of embedded and external link image) with iOS app but android app can do it.
Is this a specification of iOS app?
If does anyone know any  solution?

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I would probably need to see how you are adding the image and link to your course. Also, how are you access the course? Through the Canvas Student/Teacher app or the mobile web? I can link to an image file in a course with the Canvas Student app and zoom on iOS and Android. In the Canvas apps, you cannot pinch to zoom on a page itself, which can only be done with a link to an image file. 


Thank you for the reply.

I tried to test and I will it show you.
I put the image to external drive and  canvas storage.
I make a page and put these link on it.
The attached file shows the page use by Canvas app.
iPhone cannot pinch but android can pinch to zoom on a page itself.

The problem is iPhone user cannot see small character...
Thank you

Community Coach
Community Coach


Thanks for the additional limitation. This appears to be a limitation of the iOS app. I would suggest you Report and Issue under the Help section of the app. It's hard to know if this is a bug or just not possible. 


Sorry for late reply.
And thank you for your suggestion.
I would be report this under the Help section.

Thank you