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iPad and Good Assignments LTI 1.3

Can Google Assignments integrate with the iPad? In the student view on the desktop, the assignment (that was created using Google Assignments) is visible with the attachment. However, if you use the Student Canvas app, the assignment/attachment is not visible. It says "no content". We are a one to one district and the students do have a G Suite account.

Also, if Google Assignments does integrate with the iPad, is there a way to view the student work live? I know teachers can give feedback as the students are working on the desktop but not sure about the iPad. I would assume not.

First post! Thanks ahead of time!


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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I also have this question.  We haven't added the new integration yet.   But our K-8 students are on iPads, and it's important to know if it integrates with iPads, and if not currently, when will it be, please?

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