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iPhone Student Canvas App Crash

Hello, I have had the Student app since I began college in 2019 on the same phone, iPhone 8, but now this year I have not been able to open the app. It keeps crashing right when it opens. I have everything on my phone and the app updated and I have also cleared the cache and reinstalled the app but the problem still persists. How can I fix the issue because I often rely on the app to see due dates and feedback from my professors so I don't have to keep going to my computer to see.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Since it seems you did most of the usual troubleshooting, I'd suggest deleting the app from iOS settings instead of the home screen. This can remove ALL data from your phone that sometimes isn't removed from an uninstall from the home screen. 

  1. Go to iOS Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. Scroll down and select "Student" for the Canvas Student app
  3. Select Delete App

This removes EVERYTHING Canvas Student app. 

Then reinstall the app and try again. 

If this doesn't work, I suggest you open a ticket with your local tech support, so Canvas support can take a deeper dive. 


Yes!  I am having the same issue. There must have been a change in the update to Speedgrader.  Please go back to the older version.  I loved being able to make corrections on my students work, assign the grade and SWIPE to the next students assignments.  Now, I can't and it adds extra steps and time