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images not appearing - quizzes + pages (not consistent)

In my most recent quiz, I had two images. Most could see them. A few couldn't. For some it was the first image; for others, the second. So it doesn't seem to be an issue with a specific image file. Any suggestions?

Also, when I was looking at a "page" with images that I had created (it's for an art history course), some of the images were broken. The page worked just fine last time I taught the course. But when I went in to edit the images (to delete and reinsert them), some of those pictures appeared and it was different pictures that were broken! I tried deleting inserting them all anew, but it didn't make a difference.

Thanks for any and all help!

(Note: There was a post in 2017 about images not showing up in quizzes for some students, but apparently it hasn't been solved...)



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We are having the same issue at our college. A few students can't see the images in quizzes campus wide. When we preview the exams, the images occasionally are missing. Refreshing the browser and clearing the history can temporarily correct the issue but when students are taking the exam in Respondus Lockdown Browser, they are stuck and can't see the images. 

Surveyor II

We are having the same issue at our high school. I don't see a resolution yet. Did you figure anything out?


Maybe? I started making sure that images are as small as possible, and ideally smaller than 100 KB. I've only had two students with an issue since then, so I think it has helped. The images that were problematic were both over 200 KB. For images, that's really small, but maybe it's an internet issue?

In case it helps, I use Adobe Photoshop to downsize images. Rather than playing with dpi and size, I found that doing "Save As" as a jpg and then using the slider scale to choose low quality worked best. The slider scale pops up during the saving process.

Surveyor II

We are experiencing the same issue.  The strange thing is that so far it only happened in the computer labs on campus.  Students taking the same exams at home did not report such as issue.