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jwks format in canvas

Can I know why canvas kid in jwk canvas return kid as date format? How actually the kid is define in that format. As we are having an error cannot found the keyid from canvas as it return the format of date. 

This is return by canvas


As previouly in Moodle and Blackboard it return the kid as atring and we are able to launch our tool already.

As this is return in blackboard and moodle

"kid": "f15g3774f6acc4740638e",

Anyone knows about this problem? Need some help!

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The kid value is just an opaque string used to identify a public key; it should not matter to the recipient what the format is, you just use it to look up the associated key in requests to the owner's JWKS endpoint.  I suspect Canvas uses a date format to make it more obvious when it rotates its keys, which is a good practice.