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lateness penalty controls for different assignments

I want to be able to set different assignment late Penalties on individual assignments rather than set it for an entire course. 

Assignments vary in detail and weight, some low value ones I want to not allow lateness and give a no credit value automatically at the due date.

Others may be worth a lot more and I would want those to have some flex built automatically in  and allows say 50% off a day lateness penalty.

On creating "assignments", it would be easy to choose varying "lateness" penalties whilst in the date and time area.  At that point one could choose course default lateness or custom create one for that individual assignment. 

If one  has a lot of students, and I am stuck having into turn off a "available until" date to allow for a late turn in, i have to spend way too much time looking at each late assignment and calculating manually a lateness penalty.  This should be a choice at the assignment level  to default to course lateness or pick a custom lateness penalty.

Canvas ought to be able to do that very easily.

I know there is some way to step by step way to do this thru some sort of grade book     setting , but make this easy for us. 


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