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limit assignments to only accept Studio videos

When giving a video assignment, how do you limit it so students' only option is to complete it in Studio?

This would help eliminate not being able to grade imovie files while on a PC.  I've also had students bypass the "Submit assignment" requirement in modules by submitting  any old file such as a recipe instead of completing their video assignment.

This would also help in that if I am grading on a personal computer, I don't have to download students' video files to be able to grade it.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @cstandefer ...

Your scenario makes total sense, but I'm not too sure that you can really limit a student submission only to Studio videos.  When you are setting up the details for your assignment, there isn't an option that specifically limits submissions to Studio.  I do know that some of the options like "Media Recordings" or "File Uploads" may trigger other submission options to "activate" (for example, if you have O365 or Google integrated), but there isn't anything I know of that would narrow things down to only Studio.  You may just have to be very clear with your students that you only want students to submit using Studio.

Sorry that I don't have better news for you, but I hope this has helped to answer your question.  Take well.