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limited size of window for students to view of the comments on submitted assignments

My students are saying that they cannot see the whole file with my comments when they open their assignment. The window is very small and they have to do a lot of scrolling to see anything. Apparently, the bottom right corner drag arrow is not working for them. They are using Apple/Google Chrome. (They do not have the problem when they sign on to my computer. I'm using a PC and Chrome.)

Any suggestions?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @labergsc ​...

Out of curiosity, could this be an issue of screen resolution on the student computers vs your own computer?  If you increase the screen resolution of the student computers, does that help at all?

Community Team
Community Team

 @labergsc , we haven't heard from you in awhile. Did you investigate  @chofer ​'s suggestion, and did it resolve the issue? If not, could you check one of their devices and send screenshots or a screencast (using a free screen recording service such as Jing) of what your students are seeing?

I suggested what Chris said as well as a suggestion from my colleague here that they use a different browser or operating system and I haven't heard of any problems since, so I don't know which approach solved it. I also showed some of them the little arrow in the bottom right corner where they can enlarge the box. This is the first time for me and my students using Canvas, so it may also just be adjusting to the new formats, etc.

Thanks for the suggestions!! And sorry for not getting back earlier.


No worries,  @labergsc ​, and thanks for letting us know. Since we don't know which remedy actually worked, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered." Welcome to Canvas!

I am having the same type issue.

I see this question is fairly old, so I will describe mine to refresh the understanding of my problem. When I assign students a Ck-12 Plix assignment, the window is too small for the kids to even be able to see all of the information. It allows for scrolling to make room to see all the text of the question, but the graph/simulation only shows about 1/4 of itself in their window, which is the point of the assignment. (Actually also in my window as an instructor where I can preview the assignment.)

I saw above that one person described a blue arrow in the bottom right of the window that allows to increase the size of the window? This doesn't appear on my window/ screen. 

The CK-12 Plix assignments are excellent ways of demonstrating dynamic simulations in math and science classes, I am helping teach a Physics class. I would appreciate any help,comments or info on this issue.