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lockdown browser

How do I turn lockdown browser on once I have finished doing the test composition?  I turned on edit but the choice does not highlight. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @mary_wilson1  and welcome to the Community!  Just a couple of questions for clarification.  First, is the lockdown browser you are using Respondus or from another company?  Second, are you approaching this from the perspective of a course instructor or student?

Thanks for the additional information!

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According to our IT, it appears that if a new test or quiz is made in the "new quiz" function that the built in lockdown browser does not recognize, only the "old quizzes" (their words). When I asked them for respondus, which I think might work?, they sent an .exe that does not open on mac. I too am stuck and looking for any way to have students use a lockdown browser to take the test I created on Canvas. 

Hi  @pedelty .  Your IT team is correct.  Respondus Lockdown Browser does not currently work with New Quizzes.  This feature has been discussed a great deal the last few years and I know that many are looking forward to a time when the two can be used in conjunction with one another.  At one point I heard that this functionality would require both work on the part of Instructure and Respondus, but I haven't heard in the Community of any updates to where things stand.

All the best---

When I checked in on this at the end of July, Respondus was waiting on Instructure.