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my email is unexpectedly blocked or malfunctioning

For more than a decade I have been employed on Fixed Term Contracts and do my online work from home (using Firefox) because that is the most convenient. Everything has worked well but today I tried to go into my uni e-mails and this came up.

353685_Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.30.28 AM.png

And I agree this is far too long and I have NO idea why that should have come up when up until the middle of last week it was all working fine. 

I can still go to my Canvas page (courses etc) but I desperately need to get into the emails as the semester has started (although as always I have yet to see the contract)

Can you help please or put me on to someone who can?

May I suggest you contact me via my private e-mail

Thank you.

Graham Reid

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