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pdf viewer not working in Google Chrome

Just this week my embedded calendar was previewing beautifully. Tonight, the night before the first day of class, the pdf files will not preview even after I have selected the option to do so. When the link is clicked it goes straight to download, which is NOT what I want. HELP!!!
I am using Google Chrome.

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Hi there I've found a post here ( to fix pdf not opening in chrome. This worked for me, You can fix it with some of the steps in the post

Explorer III

I had an instructor report this to me back on 08-07-20.  I reached out to Canvas Support and it was a known issue at that time.  There has been some communication with support since that time with the latest being on 09-11-20. At that time they stated that they were deploying a fix to the beta environment and to the live environment on 09/23/20.  Hope that this helps.