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pic to insert but HOW

How do I insert a pic?

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Hello Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  Your question isn't very specific, so I have some follow-up questions for you so that Community members can further assist you.

  • Are you an instructor or a student?
  • Are you asking about inserting a picture in a Canvas course or here in the Canvas Community website (two completely different websites)?
  • If you are asking about inserting a picture in your Canvas course, are you wanting to add a picture to your profile?  Or, are you wanting to add a picture to a page of content?
  • Are you wanting to post a picture to a discussion topic or a reply to a topic as a student?

If you could please fill in some of these details, that would be helpful.  Thanks Angela.

Learner II

Hi Angela - I wanted to take a minute to return to your question. Are you still wanting to learn more about embedding a photo within Canvas content? If so, Chris Hofer asked a few follow-up questions that would help guide conversations. If you’d like to collaborate, please reply and let the Canvas Community know how it can help! for now, I’m going to mark this conversation as “Assumed Answered” as there hasn’t been any activity for a few months. Any reply will reopen the discussion.