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powerpoint mp4 with narration has audio issues once uploaded to Canvas

Have a PowerPoint presentation with narration audio on each slide and timed transitions.  Exported as mp4 and works perfectly on my MacBook Pro. 

But when I upload the mp4 file to a canvas course, the content uploads and plays, but has a very strange audio issue, where the first 2 seconds of the first slide audio recording repeats each time the slides advance. Mp4 is 50+ slides long, so very annoying. 

Anyone encountered this issue before, and if so, found a resolution? I am currently trying to export as a .mov file to see if that helps at all. 

Thank you

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Navigator II

I do this a lot, and have not experienced that specific issue, but similar timing issues come up if you try to add audio that was not recorded within powerpoint, or make edits to what you recorded.  It has timings for animations, transitions, and recordings, and all have to be set just right for everything to work. 

When you are adding outside audio, the easiest way is to place the audio on the slide, and then record the presentation and press play at the correct time.  It should set all the timers correctly in response.  You might have an extra animation starting an audio on each slide that you overlooked if you used a different method to add audio that was not recorded in powerpoint.

When you are recording new audio as a part of a recording, and navigating from slide to slide during the presentation, powerpoint records one long audio.  Then each slide has a copy of the complete audio with a start time for that slide.  There might be something about the mac/pp interaction that interferes with communicating that start time for 2 seconds...

The issue will come down to the specific settings on the animations and transitions. 

Thank you for your thoughts Steven. I went back and edited original PPT to ensure slide timings and audio recording timing matched perfectly, which seemed to help.  Hit a new issue with an embedded video in slide with audio, but will continue to just be patient and fine tune things via trial and error.  Appreciate your assistance.