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"Missing" status stays after grade entered

Why does an Exam stay in "missing" status after I input a grade. Shouldn't it automatically switch to "none"? Other columns (discussion boards, etc.) do but not the Exam. I have to go into each student's grade and change the status to "none" in every class (about 400 students). Maybe it's because the grade was or wasn't entered in Speed Grader and the others were done the opposite way? It's very annoying.

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Was the exam set up as a Canvas Quiz? If that is the case, when a student submits the quiz it should no longer show the exam as missing and it sounds like Canvas is not acting appropriately. 

If the exam was being completed on paper it might be that you had it set up in Canvas as an assignment with an online submission. I have seen teacher create an assignment on Canvas that was being completed on paper but they accidentally set up the assignment to have an online submission. In this case it will show as missing until the students actually submit something online, or the teacher goes in to mark it as not missing. Instead choose the option of "No Submission" or of "On Paper". Then Canvas will not be looking for something to be submitted digitally.

I hope this helps.


It was created when they migrated it from Blackboard for me, so I don't know what it was created as ... but I found in Edit that it was set with File Upload checked, so I unchecked that for the rest of the manual Exams. Hopefully that fixed it.

It didn't fix it.

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I am sorry. I was hoping it would be a fairly easy fix.

Have you found a solution? I wonder if it has something to do with the migration from Blackboard?

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 @scott_johnson3 ,

To get rid of the "missing" message you will need to change the Submission Type to No Submission.


I think that might work, thanks