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"Rebranding" Canvas

Hello, Canvas Community Colleagues.

I've noticed that some schools have "rebranded" Canvas, including the university where I work (CourseWorks powered by CUIT), but not its business school (Canvas Learning Management System | The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence ), which I specifically support. I'm not talking about slapping on your logo and changing the colors. I'm talking about calling it something else entirely.

Personally, I don't think it's a good idea. Unless people know where to find this Community, DuckDuckGoing (or Googling) a rebranded name is unlikely to lead them here or to other useful resources about Canvas. It also causes confusion here on the community when people refer to the rebranded name. We can never be sure if the're referring to Canvas or some esoteric third-party or in-house tool.

What are your thoughts on pros and cons of rebranding Canvas?

Best regards,


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hate it!

And for the exact reasons you stated! I have personally attempted to respond to support questions about some esoteric software only to discover after much wasted time that it was a rebranded Canvas.

I do love the idea of a custom URL (or even branding) as  "OurSchool Canvas", because that helps lesson the chances of students Googling and ending up at the wrong Canvas account then needing support because they couldn't log in.

Stupid poorly thought out decision by your school.


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🙂 In my defense, I was a business school employee until July 1, when they merged us into university IT.

No need to defend,  @nr2522  !

It was clear from your post that you did not make that decision.


Hi Nelson:

Rebranding is a nightmare for support. Our helpdesk has a tough enough time trying to figure out login issues with the various programs who use our three instances of Canavs and SSO issues.

But, they have learned to immediately ask which program they are enrolled in to shorten the Q&A time. They also have problems when students have questions about an LTI with a third party vendor. For instance, today there were questions about login problems with McGraw Hill. Our helpdesk took awhile to figure out that it was actually a Canvas login issue that students couldn't pass through into McGraw.