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regrade new quizzes multiple choice

I tried to regrade a multiple choice question in new quizzes following the instructions here:

I wanted to leave the original correct answer at 5 points but make a 2nd answer choice worth 2 points. I picked the option that said: "award points for current and previous correct answers" and also changed the point value to 2. Original correct answer was 5. It did give 2 points to students that had the 2nd answer but it dropped the score for other students and all the scores should be multiples of 2 points but there were weird percentages so I assume it was doing something with the total points possible even though the gradebook still said the exam was out of 100 points. The instructions and options make it seem like you can do what I am trying to do but it didn't work. 


I was able to get the scores back by doing a second regrade back to the original correct answer. 

Is there a way to do this? 

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