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skyward sync issues

I have used canvas for a few years now and through reading responses on this community-been able to answer all of my questions. until now...


I crosslisted my canvas courses like always. matched gradebook categories and all the normal start of school year stuff. I combined gradebooks on skyward and then quickly remembered that you can't do that, so I uncombined them. I have 6 classes with 4 sections each (one for each grade level per class). When I combined gradebooks, I combined all of them into the senior "section" in skyward.


So when I went to sync grades from canvas to skyward, it pops up the following error for every assignment each class has. IE-the class has 4 assignments-it has 4 errors.

"Field Section ID cannot be modified for an existing Assignment. Certain fields may only be set when adding a resource and cannot then be changed."  

The ONLY sections that any grades come through are the seniors. When I sync-only the canvas quiz (self grading) assignments go through. Then I tried "remaster grade passback" and the other assignments went through. But still only my senior sections in skyward. I tried everything I could think of, asked everyone I knew, and searched on here and wasn't able to find anything. I'm really hopeful someone in here has experienced this and can offer some insight.  I'm wondering if the assignments that were created while the gradebooks were combined are doing this and maybe future assignments won't do this? 

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