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turn off notifications for one course

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How can I turn off notifications for one course not all my course I am teaching?

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Thank you I was not clear in my question I am instructing two courses where I would like to to have notifications.

I am a student in the one I would like to turn off notifications I don't see the notifications option in that course

 @desantij , thanks for clarifying that. I took a quick look at your current enrollments and noted that you are enrolled either as a "Teacher" or a "Participant," but unless I've missed something, you don't have any active enrollments as a "Student." While teachers and students can manage notifications for individual courses, "Participant" is not a standard role in Canvas, and is almost undoubtedly a custom role your institution created. As we can't know what permissions the school has chosen to associate with that role, please ask the local Canvas admin for the school to investigate this on your behalf.


Thank you will do