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unable to add students "unable to find matches below"

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 @chofer stefaniesanders @jivedocs_unfede amara.mastronardiFree-For-TeachersQ & A have a free for teacher account and it has been working well until now.

When I was trying to add a new student, it says "we were unable to find matches below"

353085_unable to add.PNG

Can anyone tell me why? It is urgent.


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I was unable to add people since yesterday, besides it is working fine now. Try again! 

Thank you so much! just tried and it worked! I have been trying for the whole day and it is 2:25 am here. Thank goodness it works now. I just hope there won't be any other problems at this critical time for me! 

The problem occurred again. 

Hi, the problem occurred again and a join code couldn't solve the problem either. Does anyone else have the same problem?  The matter is urgent for me.

Surveyor II

The problem persists, so I had to create and send students a join code. But they still couldn't sign up an account. They got stuck on this page. After clicking Submit, nothing happened. Can anyone help solve this problem, please? I submitted technical help tickets, but only received automated replies. 353285_canvas sign up failure .png

Surveyor II

According to student feedback, by clicking the link and using the join code, they could sign up and access the course. But the next time they tried to log in, the email address would not be recognized and they had to do through the sign up process again. I checked and their email addresses did not show in the system, only the names. 

 @664755030 ‌

Our support team indicates that the issue of adding users was resolved last week, so it's not necessary to use the join code workaround. When adding a new user, this is the message that should display to the teacher:

353356_fft add users.png

This gives the instructor the option to create new users from the list.

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Surveyor II

Hi Stefanie, 

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I know the problem was resolved last week. However, it occurred again yesterday, and the day before yesterday. 

You are right, I just tried and it is working again, now, as you indicated. 

I hope it will be stable, as I have new users every day in my course recently.

Thank you very much for your message. It is very much appreciated. 

Thanks for letting us know!

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I'm getting the same error message right now and can not enroll students to my courses. Please fix!