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weighted courses with different sections

Hi everyone,


I’m stumped - Is it possible to have weighted grades in a course that has different sections?  For example, I have a CT, MRI, and nonclinical section.  Students are assigned to a specific section. This is how I would like the weighting to be setup:


In my syllabus:

Nonclinical students:

354437_Nonclinical Weighting.png

Clinical students:

354438_Clinical Weighting.png


In Canvas:

354439_Weighting in Canvas.png


For example, nonclinical students will only be assigned assessments that are part of the timeline mind map assignment, discussions, and nonclinical quizzes.  They will have zero assignments in the CT/MRI quizzes and midterm/final exams. Would their grade only reflect what they are assigned?


Has anyone done this before?  Your insight is welcome. Smiley Happy

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