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Surveyor II

xlisting using CSV file

When I look at the sample csv file, I'm trying to understand if the xlist_course_id is a field that already exists in Canvas or if that is a field name we create. I'm assuming that each xlist_course_id must be unique to the sections it holds. I wish the sample showed more than one master class. 


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I hope we're looking at the same file, the SIS Import Format Documentation from the the API documentation.

The xlist_course_id is the ID of a course that you want to move the section into. It basically corresponds to a Course SIS ID that you have hopefully (but not necessarily) already created or specified. It is not a Canvas ID, but a SIS ID. They do not have to unique, you can certainly have more than one section per course.

The paragraph immediately below the table reads (emphasis mine).

xlists.csv is optional. The goal of xlists.csv is to provide a way to add cross-listing information to an existing course and section hierarchy. Section ids are expected to exist already and already reference other course ids. If a section id is provided in this file, it will be moved from its existing course id to a new course id, such that if that new course is removed or the cross-listing is removed, the section will revert to its previous course id. If xlist_course_id does not reference an existing course, it will be created. If you want to provide more information about the cross-listed course, please do so in courses.csv.