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Classic Quiz Sunset 2024 Feedback

This thread has been opened for comments and suggestions about the updated Classic Quizzes Sunset Timeline. 

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Sorry, I meant I'm looking at the trello-like timeline document. For some reason I couldn't edit my comment.


"...somewhat alluded to in the transparency page..." and thereby not transparent. 😉

Thanks for your reponse regarding Respondus. It makes sense - let me rephrase.

Once APIs for NQ are complete, then integration with some 3rd party applications will be possible.

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@SuSorensen  , all:

I've exported the Blog posts from New Quizzes: We're listening, cleaned the text and started to summarize it on the attached file. SPSS has a fine text analytics tool set for sentiment analysis, but I'll need to get that reinstalled on my new computer. Something for another day.

Anyhow, when reviewing keywords I noted 'item banks' and 'question banks' were prominent concerns communicated in the posts however neither appear to be addressed in the planning items posted here in this new forum.  Or I just cannot find it.  Where might I find information that will address the issues for these items?


Word cloudWord cloud

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What is meant by the Dec 2022 Planning caption? It would be good to have slightly more transparent target dates for the Transparency feature list

@PamelaImperato You can click the image, or download it and zoom in.

Hello @themidiman. Great question. I'm sure this thought is on the minds of many. We will be maintaining a similar experience to the past year.

Fixes which critically impact the workflow and are broad in the scope of users effected will be addressed. For example, last week we fixed an issue in Classic Quizzes where only one answer was showing for multiple drop down after the teacher refreshed the page. Not being able to see all of the possible answers is certainly a big problem!

We are fully committed to addressing the outlined needs of New Quizzes and therefore will devote most of our efforts there. It is a balancing act, and we do want to be good stewards. I would urge any support requests to help us contextualize the problem beyond what has happened. 

@addisoncombs I can't speak to those concerns directly, as you've been with the Canvas family longer than I.  Shaun, the Product VP for Canvas, adds some perspective on why there have been challenges and the vision for the future here: A few thoughts on Classic and New Quizzes in a time of change.

@atcarver we no longer believe it is in the joint best interest to have Canvas dictate this experience. We will provide you with a feature flag to use as part of your transition process if you desire. The Opt in Available row on the timeline lists the soonest the flags will be available for you to turn on. However, the only enforcement we are applying is that by June 30, 2024 Classic Quizzes will be turned off.

Greetings, @aaron_bahmer . We'll leave the communicating about third party tooling to those vendors. However, Respondus has expressed what they need for Respondus 4.0 and those needs will be satisfied with the work the team is currently doing related to APIs for quiz building and third party proctoring support. 

Precisely! I have nothing more to add at the moment. @themidiman covered it all. 😉

As we continue to make progress, we'll update in this transition user group.

Hi @brycezmiller the timeline is in a progression in columns from left to right. Specifically, Solving now is what is immediately underway, Planned Next is what we are interviewing users about, making prototypes for, etc. and then the Possible Later is what we're considering taking on next.  It is titled Possible because there might be movement between that column and the Before July 2023 column based on feedback and what teachers and students really need right away.