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Classic Quiz Sunset 2024 Feedback

This thread has been opened for comments and suggestions about the updated Classic Quizzes Sunset Timeline. 

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Please do not sunset Classic Quizzes until you fix the ability to report institutional level outcomes via New Quizzes at the account/admin level!  This is critical for assessing programs using quizzes across multiple instructors and sections.  

Thanks for the feedback, Ruth, we will continually review this type of feedback from users to reassess what is needed and when.

The migration tooling, is available on beta instances. We're encouraging admins to give us feedback before we make it available to production.


Hello @SandraONeil Ben is looking into Outcomes associations with New Quizzes now: Share Your Input


We'd love to know more about this @Blstirling . Please keep in mind that three factors which could contribute to how it prints: the size of the text in the quiz, if your browser scaling size is adjusted (most browsers allow you to zoom size in or out) and the font size print modal choice you selected (M/L/XL).  

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@pjonas1 wrote:
2. Respondus Lockdown Browser Integration is Partially Broken
  1. Respondus Dashboard Settings do not carry over on course copy. Assuming a dozen assignments that's about 250 clicks per course to set back up.
  2. Print dialog in Respondus Lockdown Browser does not correctly print quiz or attempt history. This is related to the larger students can't print issue, but is acute in Respondus since screenshot etc are disabled.

I have had two support cases open on these problems. Case 07727405 for 2.a. hasn't had any movement since June 2021. But last night I got an amazing update for issue 2.b., case 08336739.

Brandon, L2 Instructure Support, wrote:
[W]e are declining to resolve this behavior.

I don't even know what to say to that.

Hello Philipp,

Following up and let you know that we have been made aware of the case file you submitted with Respondus about the problem. This will allow us to provide guidance about New Quizzes and allow them to resolve the problem. I know bouncing between companies can be frustrating and appreciate that you've kicked off the process for us by providing each details of the situation. We have reached out to our point of contact. Instructure will be in touch when we have news to report back. 

Hi Su,

Thank you very much! I don't mind being bounced between companies. That's the nature of the beast when it comes to these sorts of integrations. It's all good, as long as the vendors end up talking to each other, rather than trying to push the problem off on the other party.

I appreciate that Instructure is working with Respondus on finding a solution. I did get a an email from Instructure support about 10 hours after your post.

Monica, L2 Canvas Support wrote:
Unfortunately, our Partnerships Team has declined to solve the behavior at this time because Canvas does not support students printing quizzes.

So I'm not sure if everybody is on the same page yet.

@SuSorensen I think this is a really good topic to discuss.  Our institution handles our own Tier 1 support for students and instructors.  One request that we commonly receive is to investigate student claims about why they didn't take a quiz or claims about errors during the test that caused hardships.  For these investigations, we have used Admin's ability to see student activity, such as when students click the button to start an exam (url ends with /take), as opposed to when they look at the quiz overview page.  Unfortunately, using an LTI tool means that we will not be able to see this and other similar kinds of interaction, which is completely understandable.  Would it be possible for your team to look into ways that admins can track student activity beyond the Moderation log. or if it's possible to relay more information in the Moderation log?  (I don't mean to imply this should be a "right now" goal, but I would appreciate if this could be investigated sometime in the future.)

@pjonas1 ,
While Canvas allows teachers to print a new quiz, we don't have that feature available for Students. Respondus has communicated that unless we have student printing available, they will also not have student printing available. 

We've outlined an idea for Student Printing here  but it wasn't clear this was of interest. If you would like to lend your voice to the cause, please add your story here.