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Classic Quiz Sunset 2024 Feedback

This thread has been opened for comments and suggestions about the updated Classic Quizzes Sunset Timeline. 

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Well, yes. The problem at a deeper level is of course that the way New Quiz content renders breaks the standard browser printing options. Respondus won't be able to address that deficit from their end all by themselves. Instructure would first have to render the content in a normal way; and then if for some reason student printing is supposed to still not be available in Canvas, disable printing using the usual JavaScript workarounds. I mean, let's face it: students can "print" quizzes at the moment by taking screenshots anyway. It's not like the broken rendering is an intentional security feature.

However, taking screenshots doesn't work within Respondus because the whole purpose of Respondus is to lock down that functionality. That presents a conundrum for viewing the attempt history by a student. Even if an instructor allows viewing the attempt history, if the quiz is within Respondus; the student cannot share that content with an instructor, tutor, etc. Fundamentally there are two ways to address this:

  1. Redesign the attempt history so that it doesn't require opening within the Respondus Lockdown Browser. Only active quizzes would open within the lockdown browser. Attempt history would open without it. Then, without the Respondus restrictions, students would be able to screenshare and screenshot their attempt history.
  2. Fix how content is rendered so that standard browser printing works with New Quiz content. Then instructors can allow printing in Respondus (if they wish), and students can print to PDF or print to paper in order to share with instructors, tutors, etc.

Now the benefit to number 2. would be that it would also fix other problems with New Quizzes. For example, right now you can't print item analysis; which is terrible if you have to document your work on that front as an instructor. Why can't you print it? Because it doesn't render right just like the quizzes themselves do. If you try to print it, you only get a weirdly truncated version of the first page. I have attached an example on how item analysis fails to print correctly just like all other New Quiz content.

The quiz printing that was added for instructors is a workaround where if you go into that menu, it renders a whole new version of the quiz content, correctly. It didn't actually address the underlying problem with content in New Quizzes.

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Hi @SuSorensen, thanks for responding to everyone's feedback!

On the Transparency into Quizzes Planning - Instructure Community ( chart I don't see anything about New Quizzes respecting Canvas roles/permissions.  We have several custom roles where no course content editing or grading is allowed, yet any role based on Teacher allows full editing and moderation/grading of quizzes.  

Also exporting to QTI of new quizzes and item banks is essential.  This will make it easier to share banks and quizzes between teachers, without being tied to the original teacher's item banks. A fresh copy owned just by the importer.  Also great for teachers who teach in more than one district, or who are part of a consortium for developing quality subject specific content.  I hope this will be available this year.

Thank you!


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Sorry, I still need some help with the terminology on the new chart, specifically the purple Customer Controls.  Which item in that row corresponds to "no more Classic quizzes can be created"?  This used to be July 1, 2022 but I'm not seeing an obvious replacement for that in the terminology that's in the purple row now. Is that action item represented by the July 1, 2024 date?

And what does "disable Classic quiz interactions" mean?


Hi Glenn, 

Disable Classic quiz interactions means that users cannot create, edit or take a Classic Quiz. The Classic Quiz historical information will still be viewable from the user interface but users can't do anything with that except view or copy as a New Quiz. 

Customers can opt into this experience as soon as August, but it will not be enforced until June 2024. 

Maybe updating the language to view only would help. Thanks for asking. 

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Thanks for the clarification!

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top 3 New Quizzes requests:


1. Essay question- allow the textbox for essay typing to be more user-friendly, formattable and more easily enlarged so students can see their essays more clearly.

2. Allow bank questions to be individually transferred/copied , not in a bulk with points not modifiable.

3. Allow giving extra time after a student has started his/her quiz.  Perhaps this issue is because of the LDB/Respondus monitor pairing. Not sure.



So just to clarify as we too are finding the Timeline graph verbiage difficult to really understand as it relates to actions that need to taken: 

Is it correct that: There is no imperative for faculty to migrate an old/Classic quiz to a New Quizzes because faculty can migrate something from old/Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes up to June 2024?


Hello Pamela, 

Q: "Is it correct that: There is no imperative for faculty to migrate an old/Classic quiz to a New Quizzes because faculty can migrate something from old/Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes up to June 2024?"

A: I think I'm hearing two concerns here that you'd like clearing up. 1. Will migration just happen one time, so we need to move everything that matters by a specific time? 2. Will Canvas be telling me when we need to migrate prior to June 2024?
1. We are not viewing migration as a mandatory, one time event.

Pragmatically that means:

If a different adjunct/facilitator or original creator wants to teach something based on content created as a Classic Quiz in 2022, it can be reused in 2026 and will automatically be formatted as a New Quiz. 


2. I know this is probably confusing since Canvas has switched tack based on customer feedback. Hopefully you'll also feel this is more supportive, even though it is different from earlier communications. In terms of an imperative for usage: this has shifted to empower institutional determination. The availability of these are listed on the Customer Controls section of the timeline with more detail here: Self Enablement (Feature Flags) to control New Quizzes. Since institutions best know their user's experience and standard change cycles, they should decide when some migration is needed to support when Classic Quizzes will be turned off.  


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Until New Quizzes show up in the grading "To Do" list, there is no possible way that I will pick New Quizzes over Classic Quizzes.  Having to go through your many assignments, repeatedly, to check for new submissions is a full-time job in and of itself.  This must be implemented, and it really should have been done years ago. 

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I understand that New Quizzes will not include the ability to have what classic quizzes calls a "graded survey." I work with many faculty members who use this feature to provide students with automatic credit for submitting an assignment--typically made up of one or more open-ended (essay) questions or a file-upload questions. We really need a way to address this use case in New Quizzes. Perhaps there could be a checkbox on instructor-graded question types that, when checked, causes full credit to be awarded for that question as long as an answer was submitted.