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Releases Q&A: BETA 2021-12-22 New Quizzes Migration

Looking to discuss Beta Release Notes: New Quizzes Migration (2022-12-22)? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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Hi there! 

I tried testing the new beta course migration option today and encountered some problems.  I know that migrated quizzes are unpublished, but in the course copy migration process all my quizzes were also removed from the modules area, and have a 0 grade instead of the original grade.  Will the tool eventually leave quizzes in their original location in Modules, and keep the grade? Or will users need to republish, re-add to modules and reorder, and correct the grade for every quiz?

Also, the "build" feature says it is down for maintenance, so we cannot review our quizzes or item banks.  The last time I tested an individual quiz migration in Beta the item banks were also not working.  Do you have an update on when that functionality will be restored so migrated quizzes can be reviewed?

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I tested this in beta today. There are multiple issues. Note: I turned on New Quizzes migration during course import/copy so my experience is based on this feature preview enabled in the admin. 

I had a test course with several quizzes and some question banks. I was in the process of moving questions from the unfiled bank to more usefully named question banks when I began this import process. I also created two additional quizzes. One with a linked bank question group and another with question group with questions. I also already had some quizzes that were created in New Quizzes in the course. In the documentation it states that all questions banks will be ported. In my process I decided to import into a blank course with the new quizzes option checked. Below are the issues I found. 

  1. Linked bank in question group created a quiz with no questions. There are no warning errors like before. Basically instructors will need to add the questions to the quiz which is labor intensive and not helpful because of issue 3 below. 
  2. The quiz with the question group with questions directly in it did create a group set in the quiz to an item bank that I cannot find in my item bank list. This is the same issue I encountered with current migration methods. Nobody has answered my question on "Where does this item bank exist??". I can see the questions in student view. 
  3. When I look at the item banks list I don't see any of the new item banks that should be there from the course I just imported. Where did they go?? The questions in the quiz can be edited like they are not in a item bank. This is very problematic if this migration path is suppose to maintain question/item bank structure. This will be labor intensive for faculty who want to randomize a large pool of questions since they will have to add questions in the quiz to an item bank by editing questions one by one. A select all in quizzes and item banks would be nice. 
  4. As admin I noticed I'm not seeing all item banks that I should be able to see since the June 2021 update. I didn't see any documentation on this change. Can you please direct me to documentation on this change? I only see this in beta. Production is still all item banks. Please create a filter I can enable to see all. I would prefer to not see all item banks by default. 
  5. As stated the stimulus question did come over without the media. I also had a question with Studio media that didn't come over at all.  Please tell me this gets fixed when the editor is replaced with the new rce. 
  6. I think this is just a beta issue but the existing new quizzes did not import. I just get the spinning wheel of death. I tested in production and existing new quizzes imported just fine. 

 I know it is early days with this migration path so I hope these issues can be resolved before it comes to production. 


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So, we have been kicking the tires so to speak since the Beta release became available in late December.

I have LMS admin access and and am trying to understand the purpose of the (Item Banks - manage account) option?  On our instance this is currently only available for the LMS admin.  Should this be also available for others like teachers?

I want the instructors to be able to rename or even delete unwanted item banks but I am not sure if this is the correct way to provide that ability?

I did not see this prior to the migration update?

manage item banks.png

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It looks like some things are fixed but still having issues with others. 

On #1  the linked question bank in the question group can over perfectly. That is what I am expecting. 

For #2 the question group with questions directly in it came over and created an item bank and I can see the questions in preview but there is no item bank in my item bank list.

For #3 this is still a problem. Where did the item bank go??? It must be somewhere since I can see the questions in preview. See screen cap below.  Also none of the question banks that were in the course and not linked to a question group didn't come over to item banks. On the side note when this does work, how will the migration distinguish all the "unfiled questions" banks? Will the second and third come over with a number attached or by course name? 

For #4 I going to assume this is beta issue since it it seems fine in production. It would be nice to know the beta quirks ahead of time so we know it really isn't an issue. 

For #5 I am still hoping updating the rce will fix this issue. I don't think our faculty use this much or at least I'm hoping they don't. 

For #6 I assuming this is also a beta issue since it is fine in production. 

In beta editing questions in new quizzesIn beta editing questions in new quizzes

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Thank you so much, Susan for taking the time to try out the migration and document your experience. I am seeing Test Quiz- ch03-1 in your item bank list, so if you could file a support ticket with all the steps you took, that would be so appreciated. 

Let's talk some more about the other items in point 3. "Also none of the question banks that were in the course and not linked to a question group didn't come over to item banks. On the side note when this does work, how will the migration distinguish all the "unfiled questions" banks? Will the second and third come over with a number attached or by course name? "

Trying to make sure I'm understanding 🙂
The course has a question bank but that bank isn't being used in any of the quizzes in the course and you are noting that it didn't migrate to an item bank? 

@elovitt Item Banks- manage account is a super permission. The primary use case we see is when someone leaves an institution and the admin wishes to resurrect the item bank for use by other teachers. It can also be useful in highly collaborative environments where adjusting per Item Bank permission is not necessary. 

When a user with an admin role is granted this permission, item banks created by any user also display in the Account and Course Item Banks pages and can be managed by the admin.

When a user with a course role is granted this permission, item banks created by any user also display in the Course Item Banks page and can be managed by the instructor.

Thank you for the clarification.  We are just trying to get a better understanding of how all this fits together.  When all the dust settles maybe a video or a step by step process of what happens when we copy one course to another that has existing question banks and what they would look like after the migration to item banks.  I am hoping that instructors will have the ability to rename or delete item banks if needed.




@elovitt You got it. It's on my list and will be posted here
Thanks for letting me know what you'd like to see in the demo!


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@SuSorensen I created a ticket, 08416284 with a video describing the issues. Yes it appears none of the question banks that are in the course migrate. The question groups do migrate but the question groups with questions directly in the group do not attach to the instructor that migrated the content. I can see them in the admin list of question groups.