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Releases Q&A: BETA 2021-12-22 New Quizzes Migration

Looking to discuss Beta Release Notes: New Quizzes Migration (2022-12-22)? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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Hi @kroeninm, thank you for your response. Yes, based on my review, my HTML code is also migrating correctly, it is just how it is displayed in NQ that is different.  That may be an important distinction for Canvas during their review.  🙂


Hi @SuSorensen !

I'm bringing a conversation over from the Canvas for World Languages fb group.  Apparently when Chromebook users are in New Quizzes and press the Alt key to type special characters for accents (which they need to do a LOT), it kicks them out of New Quizzes.  It's also a big issue when using any sort of Lockdown browser.

Thank you for the open conversation!

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@SuSorensen bringing this over from

TL;DR: A QTI file that I successfully imported into a New Quiz using the Import Content option from the build page on or around 11/20/2021 now fails to import the questions, despite displaying a message indicating that the file imported successfully.

I've been using the Import Content option to import QTI files for around a year now. On 12/24/2021, I tried to import my quiz, and despite it claiming to have imported successfully, there were no questions in the quiz. Here's what I established through trial and error:

  • The quiz title and settings import successfully.
  • If there are no question groups in the QTI file, which would normally turn into Item Banks in a New Quiz, the QTI imports correctly.
  • I get the same result if I import it at the course level and check the box to import it into a New Quiz.
  • There is nothing wrong with my QTI file, as it correctly imports as a Classic Quiz when I don't check the box, and I am then able to migrate it to a New Quiz (my current workaround).
  • Furthermore, a QTI file that imported successfully on or around 11/20/2021, no longer imports properly.

I am reasonably confident that a bug was introduced into the Import Content tool, sometime between around 11/20/2021 and 12/24/2021, specifically relating to the handling of converting question groups in a QTI file to Item Banks in a New Quiz.

Happy to provide a MWE.


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I am just catching up on this recent Beta release. After reading the issues reported I did a few quick tests using the Import Course Content tool to import classic quizzes between 2 test courses as NQ. The results are as follow:

1.  Questions added directly into a question group imported as a linked bank and I can access the item bank. The item bank is named according to the group's title in the original (classic) quiz. 

2. Question group linked to a question bank imported as a group linked to the respective item bank if that question bank was selected as part of the import, and I can access the item bank. The item bank is named according to the linked question bank's name. If only the linked question bank is not selected as part of the import, then the migrated new quiz will have no question, and a blank item bank titled "Importing.gxxxxxxxxx......(long code)" was generated in the Item Bank as a result.

3. Initially all the classic quizzes I used for testing were unpublished and I could not replicate the issue of the point value not showing in assignment settings. Then I published one of them and repeated the process, and it imported without point values in the shell's settings page (see image). It would appear that the published status is related to the point value not imported into assignment settings correctly. 

More tests are needed but it is encouraging to see questions in question groups converting to item banks that we can now access. This is a good.

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I am a relatively new user and just started digging into the New Quizzes features in Beta. I have some very elementary questions (compared to what most of you are asking):

  • Currently, in production, you can migrate Classic Quizzes to New but NOT if the quiz draws from Banks, correct?
  • The new functionality in Beta is that when you migrate a CQ (that draws from banks) to NQ, the linked banks are also migrated, correct?

Am I understanding this correctly, or is there more to it? If it's as simple as that, then my feedback is: this worked for me fine! 

Next question: what this feature does NOT do is allow you to simply migrate a CQ Bank into an NQ Bank, correct? 

If that is true, then my feedback is that I would prefer that we be able to do that. It seems much neater. Also since New Quizzes has so much more functionality, instructors may want to re-build quizzes from scratch in NQ with a mix of new questions and questions pulled from Banks. If they are forced to migrate their Classic Quizzes "As-is" in order to get their banks migrated, I think it encourages them to maintain the status quo in terms of the quiz experience. Of course, they SHOULD be able to migrate their quizzes, but I just wish migrating banks was going to be just as easy, and that the migrations could be done independently.


We have discovered and are addressing issues with: 

-images not migrating
-migrated quizzes not retaining the published state of the Classic Quiz
-unpublished quizzes not showing the assignment points associated with the quiz

@mbmacdonald That's an interesting take. We've mostly been hearing that teachers want as little interruption as possible, but I can see how this might give more granular control. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi @SuSorensen 

I'm working on migrating from the classic quizzes to the new ones, and I miss a feature found in CQ, when we have two question banks created and we need to copy/move some of the questions from question bank 1 to question bank 2 , you can select multiple questions (or all of them) and execute the process in bulk.


This option is found in NQ, however, only one question can be moved at a time, which in many cases implies that errors can be generated when executing the process, or if it is interrupted, it is necessary to verify that Questions had been migrated and what questions were pending migration.


Is this functionality intended to be developed or installed in NQ?



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Using the Bulk Migration methods, in addition to the issues already reported about graded and practice quizzes migrating with 0 points in the Quiz settings (even though there are points still associated with the questions), we have also found:

  • when you do the bulk migration via Course Copy (as opposed to qti or imscc export/import) Practice Quizzes availability dates are dropping.
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Is anyone else finding that the bulk migration methods in beta are dropping your surveys questions and not migration them to New Quizzes?

This is what we are finding:

  • Using Import -> Copy a Canvas Course, if you select to "Import existing quizzes as New Quizzes", surveys are imported as Classic Quizzes (not migrated) and all of the questions are lost during import.
  • Using Canvas Course Export Package (either IMSCC or QTI), if you select to "Import existing quizzes as New Quizzes", surveys are again imported as Classic Quizzes (not migrated) and all of the questions are lost during import.
  • BUT if you just do the individual/manual migration of an existing Classic Quiz survey, with the questions in it, then it migrates fine.
According to How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to New Quizzes?, "You can also migrate a survey from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. However, the survey will be migrated as a standard quiz as New Quizzes does not include a survey feature." 

This issue is not included in the Beta Release notes Known Issues, and I am unable to add a post, ask a question, or provide feedback in the release notes or any other areas of the New Quizzes groups. But I am assuming this is not intended behavior.