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FAQ: Canvas and PowerTeacher Pro

    Official Canvas Document

Canvas has developed an automated integrations between PowerSchool’s student information system and the Canvas learning management system. This integration populates Canvas with requisite data to create accounts, terms, courses, sections, and users via the SIF 2.0 data standard, as well as create assignments and post grades back into the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.

This FAQ document aims to answer the following questions regarding the Canvas and PowerSchool integration.

PowerSchool—Canvas Overview


How does PowerSchool work with Canvas and PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook?

The PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook integration is a two-way integration. Assignment groups are collected from PowerTeacher Pro and then imported into Canvas. Grades are sent from the Canvas Gradebook to the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.

In order to use the PowerTeacher Pro integration, districts/schools must use the SIF 2.0 provisioning integration and upgrade to version 10+ of PowerSchool. Admins can contact their Customer Success Manager to discuss the PowerTeacher Pro integration in greater detail.

For information about how to use PowerTeacher Pro in Canvas, as well as frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips, please view Instructor Help: Using PowerTeacher Pro in Canvas

PowerSchool Implementation


What is required to implement the PowerSchool and PowerTeacher Pro integration with Canvas? How long does it take?

The SIF for provisioning and PowerTeacher Pro grade passback integration is used in conjunction with the grade passback LTI, a new tool in Canvas that adds assignment validation, error monitoring and reporting, and other features in this integration.

    1. Remapping data may be necessary due to the use of the user DCID (made available in SIF) as the user_id in Canvas.
    2. If you are using LDAP, SAML, or CAS authentication you will need to make sure your usernames in Powerschool match your usernames in the respective authentication servers. (if they do not match or you do not use third party authentication you will need to schedule a meeting with your CSM and an Implementation Consultant).
    3. Your Powerschool version must be 10 or higher.
    4. You will need to set up a PowerSchool SIF agent with PowerSchool to test and provision SIS data.

New customers can be up and running in their test environment within a couple of days once the SIF agent is installed and configured. Existing Customers will take longer because old SIS ID’s will need to be re-mapped to match PowerSchool user DCIDs. After the customer has verified the data in their test account, Canvas will begin the process of moving the data into production. New customers should expect 2–3 weeks to validate the end-to-end process. Existing customers should expect 4–6 weeks to validate the end to end process.

Note: Data accuracy is the responsibility of the customer and will not be validated by an Instructure employee. We are happy to assist with any questions during the process, but the onus of data accuracy and data validation is on the customer. Canvas will not be able to assist with the setup of either the required PowerSchool version or the required SIF Agent installation. Please contact PowerSchool support directly if you require any assistance with these items.

PowerSchool Data for Grade Pass Back


What information do I need to create in PowerSchool?

The Canvas PowerSchool Sync process will pull the following information from PowerSchool:

    • Users (staff and student accounts, not including staff at the district level)
    • Schools (creates accounts by school)
    • Terms (terms are brought into Canvas by school, not district)
    • Courses (Courses can be brought in two ways, 1 Course per 1 Section or 1 course for many sections)
    • Sections
    • Enrollments (student and teacher)

Note: Any changes to the above data should be managed in PowerSchool. Changes to these PowerSchool objects will automatically be reflected in Canvas upon the next pull of data. Any provisioning data created in Canvas subsequent to the PowerSchool integration will NOT be pushed back into PowerSchool.

How frequently is data updated in Canvas from PowerSchool in the SIF and PowerTeacher Pro integration?

Data is usually pulled from PowerSchool on a set schedule once per day. Grades from Canvas can be synced back to PowerTeacher Pro at the teacher's discretion, or on a nightly sync.

Are there limitations to the SIF provisioning and PowerTeacher Pro integration?

PowerSchool has several limitations when used in Canvas:

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