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Visual Guide - PS Conversion

Visual Guide - PS Conversion

1. Receive ZIS information & setup SIF agent

  1. Set up your SIF agent. To do this, you’ll need your ZIS URL and Zone ID. If you do not have these, email, and we will send them to you. Here is an example of what the ZIS URL and Zone ID will look like:

SIF Agent setup:

  • If you’re self-hosted, you can follow the steps described in this guide to set up your SIF agent yourself.
  • If you’re PowerSchool hosted, you will follow the steps in this guide, which includes opening a ticket with PowerSchool Support to do a couple of things you won’t be able to do yourself.

    b. When your SIF agent is set up, email us at


2. Connection Setup & Testing

  1. Once you are connected to your ZIS, we’ll pull data to verify that we have the information we need. We will test the information and will verify with you that the proper mappings are in place.


3. Pause current Canvas sync

  1. Will will pause your current data sync to Canvas on May 31 while we are working on remapping values. If you your school year ends in June, notify us so we can use a custom pause date. (Note that you can continue using GPB during a data pause.)


4. Mapping

  1. The SIS team will verify that the new way we’re receiving data matches what you currently have in Canvas.


5. Remapping

  1. The SIS team will change the values in your users’ user_id field from the PowerSchool ID to an internal identifier in PowerSchool called the DCID. This new value is unique for each user and does not change when a user moves from one school to another within a district.


6. Data in Canvas production site on appointed date

  1. Data from PowerSchool will be pushed back to your Canvas production site, but now it will provision through the Kimono SIS Platform. If new data is present, it will sync on a nightly basis at midnight, MDT. If no new data is present, a sync will not occur.


7. GPB (optional)

  1. If you would like to use grade passback (GPB) between Canvas and PowerSchool, you can continue with the PowerSchool legacy gradebook or switch to the newer PowerSchool PowerTeacher Pro (PTP) gradebook. To enable GPB, install the plugin attached at the bottom of this guide in PowerSchool (the plugin works for both PTP and the legacy gradebook).  Let us know when you’ve installed the plugin, and we’ll finish the setup.



If you find a typo or outdated info, or have a suggestion to improve this guide, please share your feedback