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Aeries GPB Part III - How do I sync grades from Canvas to the Aeries gradebook?

Aeries GPB Part III - How do I sync grades from Canvas to the Aeries gradebook?

This is part III and the final step for passing grades back to Aeries. Part I outlines how name assignment groups after Aeries categories, and Part II outlines properly setting up an assignment for grade passback (GPB). 

This guide shows how to pass grades to Aeries through the Canvas gradebook after completing parts I and II.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Sync Grades

308698_new gradebook - actions.png      Export Grades

If you are using the new Canvas gradebook, click the Actions menu and select the option to sync to your SIS (Aeries).

If you are using the legacy Canvas gradebook, click the Export menu instead.

Post Grades

308695_aeries sync grades.png

By default, all your assignment grades will be selected to passback to Aeries. If you want only selected assignments to pass to Aeries, deselect the assignments you do not want, or click that box at the top to deselect all, and then select the assignments you want to pass grades back for. Once you have selected your assignments, click the Post Grades button. 

After clicking Post Grades, the pop-up will change to say, "Scheduled. Click to see progress." By clicking on "click to see progress" test, you will be redirected within your Canvas course to the Grade Sync tab.
308696_aerires gpb - scheduled.png

Grade Sync

308697_aeries grade sync history.png

The Grade Sync page is where you can view the status of your grade sync. You can see when you started the sync to Aeries, what stage (out of five) that the process is in, its completion status, as well as how many assignments you sent at a time. 

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