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Infinite Campus Integration Overview

Infinite Campus Integration Overview

Canvas developed an automated bi-directional integration for provisioning (rostering) and grade passback, utilizing APIs made available from OneRoster 1.1. OneRoster enables a bi-directional transaction to provision data to Canvas, and post grades back to Infinite Campus. 

This article gives an overview of the Canvas and Infinite Campus integration.

Integration Overview

The bi-directional OneRoster integration breaks down as follows:

  1. Provisioning: a one-way transfer from your Infinite Campus’ OneRoster 1.1 API to Canvas. As you make changes to users, courses, enrollments, ect. in Infinite Campus, those changes will be reflected in Canvas with your nightly sync. 
  2. Grade passback (GPB): a one-way transfer from Canvas to Infinite Campus using OneRoster 1.1 API. As you make changes to your grades and assignments in Canvas, those changes will be sent to Infinite Campus when synced from the Canvas gradebook. OneRoster provisioning is required for GPB functionality.

Supported Objects


  • Staff
  • Students
  • Sub-accounts
  • Terms*
  • Courses
  • Sections
  • Enrollments


  • Graded Assignments
  • Graded Quizzes
  • Graded Discussions
  • Assignment-level scores (grades) 

*Infinite Campus and Canvas terms are inherently incompatible. Due to this limitation, you can opt into having your terms consolidate into one-year long term, or have them import as they come from Infinite Campus. You will get a term for every grading period for every school that exists in Infinite Campus.

Infinite Campus Integration Prerequisites 

  1. Request your OneRoster 1.1 credentials from Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus does require a licensing fee to use the grade passback functionality of the integration. You will want to speak with your Infinite Campus representative to complete that process. Your OneRoster credentials (API URL, client key, and client secret) should be sent to us securely via a Canvas-provided link. 
  2. Once our team receives your OneRoster 1.1 credentials, we will check our ability to connect.
  3. If you are converting from one SIS to Infinite Campus, or are transitioning from a different integration, our team will need to perform an evaluation against your data. Our team will let you know if we have concerns about converting.

Known Infinite Campus Integration Limitations

Terms between Canvas and Infinite Campus are inherently incompatible. Due to this, you can have terms imported into Canvas two different ways:

  1. Consolidated into one year-long term, where you can then manually create your own terms and move courses into those manually-created terms.
  2. Or you can have terms come into canvas ‘as is.” When terms populate this way, you will receive a term for every grading period for every school that exists in Infinite Campus. 

Next Steps

If you are interested in enabling the Infinite Campus Integration for provisioning, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for consideration. 

Additional Resources


When will the passback be able to export current grade (without assignments) Is a potential timeline available yet?

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