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Peoplesoft Database Migration to Canvas

Hello there,

I have a question.

We are going to migrate from Blackboard to Canvas. However my question is related to peoplesoft.

What would be the best way to organize my database from peoplesoft in order to have a better experience with Canvas.

For example:

I have a code that is the College Number(Engineer Department) . I've never used that data on Blackboard. However, I would like to use on Canvas.

Any thoughts?


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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @bcunha1 , and welcome to Canvas and the Canvas Community! Because your question might elicit multiple recommendations, and not necessarily a single "correct" response, I've flipped the format to a discussion. I'm also sharing it with the LMS & Migrations​ and SIS & Integrations​ groups to attract the attention of those who are likely to have experience with organizing the PeopleSoft database in anticipation of the Canvas integration.