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What are the updated requirements for PowerTeacher Pro?

I know there has to be a lot of talk and work towards integrating with the updates PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.

Currently the Using PowerSchool and Canvas Doc states:

  • Canvas assignments assigned to individual students in a course or MasteryPaths via differentiated assignments do not post to PowerSchool. PowerSchool does not support this functionality. Assignments must be assigned for a specific section or for Everyone.
  • Assignment names cannot be longer than 30 characters.

What I am in search of is the updated requirements to sync with powerschool.

In the Pro version of PowerSchool (I believe version 10, and beta test of 11) we can now create assignments for select students within a class. 

Assignment names can also be up to 50 characters. 

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Hi Josh,

We are finalizing our integration now. More updates will be posted soon!

Thank you hbradford!

Hopefully we will have everything set to rock and roll by the end of next week.

Would love to hear an update on how everything goes once you roll!  I have a lot of "jittery" higher ups in my district hoping to hear some success stories....

hbradford‌ How is the integration coming? I would love to be able to tell my teachers this week that we are ready to push grades from Canvas to PTP.

Hi Jennifer!

You'll want to reach out to your CSM for more information!

Well... I did! He said to join the online discussion group because I might find out faster this way! So that's why I was looking for the info here. He didn't know.


PowerTeacher Pro came about so quickly, I am excited and thankful that Canvas has been working so hard to make sure this integration works properly. 

Fingers-Crossed my instance should be syncing this week. As soon as I am able to test things out, I will share my findings.

My understanding is that for right now Canvas Engineers are working on getting our data to sync with the new PowerSchool pro. As far as I understand no changes have been made, but I will be able to confirm that once our instance has synced and I am able to play around and test things out.

I'll post updates with what I see.

UPDATE 1 - August 15 2017:

Our SIS data has synced into Canvas from PowerSchool (PowerTeacher pro activated). 

So far things look good!

SIS ID for teachers changed from 'staff_####' to 'udcid_####'. Not sure why this change has occurred.

This doesn't seem to have any effect on users.

I will continue to test and post updates.