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Surveyor II

Colenso's talk video

I agree with him that when sharing to others about our past stories it brings value to ones self and a deeper understanding about where we all come from. When i was a kid i didn't have it easy, i didn't have much and had strict parents that had done their very best raise me up to be a hard worker and to be successful person no matter what honest job that i may end up working. Due to the strictness and tough love i had ended up graduating from high school and started working in security and than joined the military shortly after. Because of my strict upbringing it had built me up to handle the pressure of the tasks that im instructed to complete in the military currently i wouldn't be where i am today without my family's teachings. Someday i want to become a naval officer not just for myself but to also make my family proud, my past is what made me who i am today.

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Hello there! You seem like you know what you are doing with this, may I ask for some help! I'm new, don't know my way around, and most importantly, don't know how to make videos. Can you help? I need to make a video for a project! If you can, thanks!!!


Hi you guys! I have been having some technical blocks in navigating Canvas since starting school last Fall semester, and currently am needing to make an introductory video for coursework, but the instruction indicate more than my screen has to offer. 



Good morning sir, i am also a newbie at this online college thing and am also trying to navigate my way around canvas. i have read your post about how to make a video through this app and it looks like there is a way you can do this but it may not be the type of video you might be asking for, so i had looked up through this site and google on how i we create a video for course work online through canvas and ended up finding this link:

in order to go here you'll have to highlight the link than right click and go to the short cut *go to* option to get to the page where it will show how to create a video, i hope this helps with what you are trying complete

Good morning, im pretty new to using canvas as well, it's great to know that im not the only one having difficulties with trying to get things completed. i will send you a link on how you can make a video according to how canvas would want done, i hope this helps you out. 

Surveyor II

Hello to all, I am trying to catch all the requirements I am a new student so new in  canvas as well. Need to review several times about the steps and working full time its kind of hard for me because the time. But hopefully I will be there soon. Thank you for sharing the links and info. 😊