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Gifted Teacher Getting Certified in Psychometry

Hello everyone!  I am a gifted teacher and I love it!  I am getting endorsed in psychometry to better help me understand the testing process of students and something to do when I retire.  I am excited about going back to school!  I love to take on new challenges and become a better teacher to my students!

3 Replies
Surveyor II

I think that is awesome that you want to learn so you can become a better teacher shows you how passionate and you really care about your work thank you

Surveyor II

Hello, my name is Teonnie and I am a student.   It just seems like your words express excitement, I can't help but to feel excited for you too! I don't have to say good luck, I believe you already have it!

Adventurer II

The desire to be a better teacher for your students is truly a beautiful thing. Keep it up! 🤗🤙👍