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Hello Everone

I didn't have a question. I just wanted to say hi. This is my first time attending ANU but I have done online before. I'm really excited to be here & start classes on tomorrow.

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You probably intended this to go into a discussion for one of your classes. Where it ended up is in a global forum about the Canvas learning management system software (the software your school is using).

The comments you leave here will not be seen by your instructor and if they are for a grade, it will look like you haven't posted to the discussion. You need to make sure that where you are posting your discussions looks like the rest of Canvas with the same navigation menus.

Here is a lesson from the Canvas Student Guide about how to reply to a discussion. If the Discussions tab isn't available, you may be able to get to the discussion from the To Do list, the calendar, the syllabus, the assignments page, or the grades page.

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Hey @JanetMickens what's ANU? i was just curious...