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What is the meaning of Life?

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Why does there just have to be one meaning?Why not multiple?


42.  The meaning of life is 42.  Look it up 😂


That's honestly a great question! Here is what I think!  The meaning of life is to fulfill your purpose in life and accomplish your goals! Here's kind of an explanation/example we all die at some point but we all don't die at the same time some people die quicker than others but my reason to that is they fulfilled what purpose they were put into this world do either change someone's life or whatever God's purpose for them was or still is.  I also think that none of us will be here if we all didn't have a purpose.


"The literal meaning of life is whatever you're doing that prevents you from killing yourself" -Albert Camus (my favorite existential french philosopher)



Love that you posted this question! My hematologist of 3 years who was my mainstay in my journey battling Lyme disease and co-infections and a myriad of other creepy diseases, passed away unexpectedly end of June and I've been grieving his loss ever since. He asked pretty much everyone he encountered "What is the meaning of life?" For Dr. Bick, it meant affirmation in every thing we do in life. For me, it's being of service to others, being a voice for others who have the deadly illnesses that I have as most of us don't believe we're sick as we don't have shaved heads. If anyone is interested in listening to the podcast I did with Dr. Bick's two youngest daughters who are therapists on this very subject, Listen to episode 3 of CatharSIS by Sisters in Psychology. You can watch in on Apple or Shopify or Google. Dr. Bick was an incredible human in every way and he was a brilliant doctor who literally saved my life a little over two years ago when my port was infected and I had sepsis. I'm actually writing this from the emergency room where I'm waiting to be admitted for a possible TIA (mini stroke).