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Multiple Canvas Accounts?

Hi, this is my first time ever registering with Canvas for a college course and I am already having a problem. My class gave us a link to register with out student e-mails to joint the class. The first time I logged in, I did it successfully and checked the page out for a few minutes and exited out and came back a few hours later to see I was logged out. But whenever I tried to log in with my e-mail it wouldn't let me so I re-registered and it allowed me to. With this account, I finally did my first class forum and exited the page again. But then I opened canvas again a few hours later and I was logged out AGAIN and my student e-mail wasn't working. So I re-registered AGAIN with my student e-mail but this time it let me set a username, password, and input the invitation code for the class. But now that I look on my class's participants page it now has THREE of my name and this is a problem. Is there anyway to fix this or at least merge the three accounts/names together? Please help! 

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Hey @nicolebtan is your problem resolved?