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New & just looking for friends

Hello, everyone, My name is Colten I'm in my 2nd week in earning my BA's for Computer & Mobile App Development. If anyone needs any help with anything feel free to ask & I will do everything I can to help. (:

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Surveyor II

Hey Colten!

I am a new student as well and this journey at Cal State Northridge is definitely something exciting. 

Great to meet you! Feel free to contact me through here or on instagram @melanceyy : ) 

Best of Luck on everything!

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It really is! How long have you been a part of it? 


Nice to meet you, Colten! I'm in Medical Office Admin and its week 12 for me. Things are starting to pick up lol. Your major sounds cool though I can barely use this computer so there's no mystery as to why I'm not taking that path.