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Im Ty im a lil new to this whole thing of online learning thing.

so please be im going to have alot of questions. You guys may be like thats a stupid question but like i said im new so any push in the right direction will be greatly appreciated

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ok 767 ive got my fingers crossed

Jang jang you are not by yourself honey! Im so nervous

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Hey I'm new too. Do you go to UWF?

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Same here, I just joined in ya highschooler's are making no sense but hat don't all freshes get that??? (or just me) I'm new to the district and the way ya do things.

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At least I hope ya'll are high schoolers, any way freshy in the new school, and things get confusing.

I ment hay not hat


Hey, Bud if you ever have a question you can reach out to me, these discussion forums, or an Instructor, Nobody is here to judge. It's nice to meet you, I'm Colten!

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Hi, I like that ya'll try to not judge but my last district was not so helpful. I'm Ezekiel, but I prefer Zek.

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Do you go to HRHS

(Highlands Ranch High School) 

Don't pay attention to people like that. And no, I went to Penn foster Highschool and grew up in Arkansas.

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