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my course has different language settings?

how can I change the language settings for one of my courses? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @11jesusf ...

As a student, you cannot change the language setting per course, but you can change this at your user level which would affect all courses that you are taking within the Canvas environment.  Check out this Guide: How do I change the language preference in my user... - Canvas Community.

I hope this will be of help to you.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!


  1. Open Settings. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.
  2. Open Course Details. Click the Course Details tab.
  3. Select Language. In the Language drop-down menu, select the new default language.
  4. Update Course Details. Click the Update Course Details button.
  5. View Course in New Default Language.