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Allow comments for Arc video in Canvas group


Our students use Arc to share the video's they made. They do this in groups in Canvas in a discussion.

When they click the blue Arc video button in the WYSIWYG editor, they can allow comments, but when they embed the video the comments tool is not shown underneath the video.

296535_arc in group.PNG

As you can see the video is there, but no options to comment on the Arc video (while this was enabled).

296536_no comments.PNG

How can this be solved?

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Has this video that you insert in this discussion was inserted with the of ARC button in editor? Because usually, when video is inserted with this option, you can allows comments and this is enough. But if you inserted the video with the iframe HTML code, the comments  will not be available.

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Hey  @fabiosousa ‌,

I did insert the video in the discussion with the blue Arc button in the editor. It doesn't seem to allow comments in groups. Everywhere else, it works fine. I guess this has something to do with how Arc stores de comment data. This is normally done at course level, and not at comments level.

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