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Arc Webcam Record not showing up in Chrome

I have a student who is unable to access the record webcam feature in Arc. When I masquerade as him, it works and I can see the icon. On his personal machine, however, we can't get it to come up. We have checked all of the features and preferences in Chrome and we still can't seem to get it to work. Any thoughts?

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It seems that Chrome on Windows 10 and 8 are having an issue either allowing or enabling the webcam to be able to record in Arc.

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Hey  @jbuchholz ‌,

We also were having this issue but have managed to figure out this little quirk! It appears that any laptop/computer that has touch screen capabilities is forcing the browser to load the 'mobile' version of the website. In this case, the mobile version of the website doesn't support the Webcam recording option. 

I've reported this to Instructure and the crew replicate the issue. They have escalated but of course, these things will take time!

The workaround in the meantime is to disable your touchscreen functionality... but if you're anything like me, I'll just deal. I'm all about the touchscreen! 

Kim Flowers,

I just received an email from the Arc team that they are going to be releasing a fix for touchscreen machines. Thanks for your input. I am hopeful that this will get squared away and will work better for our faculty and students who have the devices. 


Great news indeed  @jbuchholz ‌. Thanks for the update! Smiley Happy

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