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How to disable the comments of an ARC video

Is there a way to disable comments for an Arc video?

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Hi  @luc_vancauwenbe ...

I wasn't able to find anything in Arc that let me completely turn off the ability to comment on a video.  I could, however, delete individual student comments when signed in as an instructor.  Take a look at this Guide for more details:  Hope this helps.

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Hi, Luc,

You can disable comments by embedding a video into your content: How do I get a public link or embed code for media in an Arc account? 

However, the tradeoff is that public links and embed codes do not require authentication, so they do not track analytics.

Hope that helps,


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I am looking at the work flow for students using Arc as a discussion reply.  When embedding the video to a discussion reply the Arc comments are on by default.  As such, students (and instructors) can reply to the discussion post within the Canvas discussion and also within the Arc video.  

Not wanting to have both means of reply I was leaning toward not allowing threaded replies within the Discussion board settings so students will reply via the Arc interface.  But if I do this, then I am uncertain if I can see all of a students participation within the Speedgrader.  It may be that when Arc is used in Discussions, that it would be better if Arc comments were off by default. I say this as I imagine most students will miss the disable comments button. I suppose this depends on your goals and if you need to account for student participation with replies/ comments.

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So. Is it possible to have comments turned off for students by default in discussions or just in general? Using ARC in Canvas discussion forums is clunky and not good. Here's what it looks like  Feb 11, 2019 12:19 PM - YouTube 

Maybe I will put in an idea request if turning off the comments for students by default is not an option. 

Hello Jesse. There is not a way to turn off comments by default in Arc. 


The functionality for disabling comments on a video has changes since the question was first posed. To disable comments you will need to flip a switch after selecting the video that you would like to add to your course:


 @ndemas , thanks for the update! Was this change documented anywhere? I noticed when I went to add a video to Arc, but I couldn't find any official information/documentation on the change.

Thanks! Kona

I couldn't find anything documented in recent Release Notes.  The last Release Notes for Arc were from May 17, 2018.

Hello  @kona ! I have not seen documentation about this change, and this is the first day that I have seen it in Arc. 

It actually showed up at least a week or so ago. Pretty soon (like a day or two) after this conversation - New Arc Layout/Interface