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Mobile Posting with Studio

Hello, everyone!

I'm very interested in specifics about how Studio behaves on Mobile devices, specifically for a student to post their own Studio video to a Discussion. I have read the Guides for both, but I'm still unsure if this task is possible to accomplish via:

  • iOS Mobile Browsers
  • Android Mobile Browsers
  • iOS Canvas Student App
  • Android Canvas Student App

(This is by far our most common use case, and I'm not sure what is currently possible given the unsupported or partially supported status of mobile devices in Studio.)

Studio and the Canvas Student App are both Canvas products, and it is my hope that there is a timeline for better integration in the future? Likewise, if there is no near-term plan for that, it would be useful to know that as well.

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Agreed. Speech Communication is one of our highest enrolling courses. Multiple times throughout the semester students are asked to share video speeches with classmates via Discussion. 

The integration of Studio in discussion forms is lacking in the Student App. Period. As is, in order for a student to make a video in Studio and share it in a discussion, students have to open studio in the app, make their video on their phone (only after clicking the un-intuitive "Browse Files" button), create a "public link" of the video, skillfully copy an incredibly long url, navigate to the discussion forum, and then post the link. 

It's not a good experience. I'm confident this can be improved... but then I thought we were going to have folders in our Studio accounts by now too. C'mon Instructure. You can do it. We would love, love, love to have better functionality of Studio in Discussions! 

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We are getting rolling a little more on using Studio this semester, but I have a few other tools that we use that are more mobile-friendly, even if they don't do the same things as Studio.  One is FlipGrid, which students like for the mobile app option that makes it super easy to record and share videos on the go.  Having something like this for at least faculty to record and post via their phone, tablet, or other mobile devices would be great.  Record on the fly, in the field, lab, or shop and then students view immediately in Canvas would add a lot of value to this tool.

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I'm just now realizing how difficult it is for students using the mobile app to upload a video recording for streaming playback in a discussion. Students can use the paperclip icon on the mobile app, but the result is a downloadable video link. As others have mentioned here, using Studio on the mobile app is so convoluted it's not worth asking students to use it.

It's really surprising that a seamless integration between studio and the mobile app isn't currently in development. Many students often need to use their phone to record videos to online discussions. We can't assume that students have a webcam on their laptop, or even have a laptop to begin with. The alternative is for students to figure out how to get a video recording from their phone to their computer before inserting into a discussion, which is just as cumbersome as learning how to use Studio in the mobile app.

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A quick update...we decided to tell students on Android to upload to Studio and then go to their desktop/laptop to embed the video. For iOS there is a mobile-only way to do this, but it uses the default Canvas streaming media service (not Studio). For iOS you can click the picture icon in the RCE, record the webcam video, and then embed your streaming video in the discussion. 

There are downsides to both of these workarounds that would be remedied with the ability to use Studio to for the webcam recording...just like students can when turning in an assignment! 

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I concur with all the points made in this thread.  Studio and the Canvas Mobile App sadly do not play well together.  I am starting to push Flipgrid at my institution for video-based discussions while continuing to push Studio for lecture videos, weekly check-ins, and student assignment submissions.  Studio, Discussions, and the Mobile App have a long way to go before I will recommend them over Flipgrid for video discussion-based activities.

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Our institution just added Studio, our students are 1:1 iPads.  I didn't realize students would have a difficult time recording on their iPads.  We were in a hurry and purchased this without that consideration.  However, as a teacher I would like to use my iPad to record lessons using my apple pencil.  Has anyone done this? I get the record icon and then I have to download something, and that is where I get stuck.  Help anyone? TIA

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Take a look at Explain Everything. You can also use Zoom (record a meeting with yourself) and iPad whiteboard apps in a pinch. Office 365 has a whiteboard app for example.

Hope this helps,

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I am in the same boat, @jeneen_hill. I would like to record as a teacher, but it wants me to download "Screen Capture Application." I do this, but it is a dmg file, not compatible with ios device. Does anyone else know how to do this as a teacher? 


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