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Problems With ARC Viewing Data

I require my students to view certain videos that I've uploaded to ARC, but I don't wish to embed quiz questions in them. I've run into several problems with these assignments. First, it appears that the only way I can see who watched the videos and for how long is to go to ARC, click on the video, choose the course, then choose Insights. Once there, I see the names of students, and can click on each of them to see their viewing record. However, the names seem to be in the order that they first watched a video in the course, and there is no way to sort them. In order to generate a grade for their having watched the videos, I've defaulted to dividing the number of minutes they watched by the length of the video, but I have to do this in Excel, then create an assignment for each video so that I can record the grade in the gradebook. Needless to say, this is a tedious process, compounded by the fact that, since I allow students to watch the videos after the assignment deadlines, Canvas does not provide any indication of a late viewing, so that I have to ask my students to let me know if they've watched a video late. I end up having to go to Insights multiple times to record the late viewers' data.

Recently, I've also had several students report that they had watched all of a given video, but ARC reports that either they watched only part of it, or not at all. These students are ones I trust not to lie. For what it's worth, I did recently make a change - originally I just posted the link to each ARC video directly in the appropriate Canvas module, then created an associated assignment with No Submission. More recently, I had to embed an ARC video directly in an assignment, due to needing to limit that particular video to a particular group of students within the course. I then did the same with the next video, which was available to the entire class. Would this cause the viewing data to no longer appear in Insights?

Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions you may have.

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