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Studio Release Notes (2019-11-15)

Studio Release Notes (2019-11-15)

In this Studio release, shared video links can be added as an external video in BigBlueButton Conferences.

Studio is an online video platform that makes learning more impactful through active collaboration.  Learn more about Studio.

  New Features


Studio Settings

BigBlueButton Interface Shared Studio Links

Moderators can share the public link to a Studio video as an external video in a BigBlueButton Conference. This change allows moderators to embed Studio videos in a BigBlueButton conference.

A moderator can open studio and copy the shared video link.

Studio Sharing Public Link Example

In a conference, moderators can open the Share an External Video window and paste the Studio URL. 

Add External Video

The Studio video is treated as any other external video and is only viewable within the conference session. Additionally, if the conference is recorded, the video is not included as part of the video. Moderators can include the link to the video for students to watch the video as part of the recorded conference.