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Studio Release Notes (2020-06-03)

Studio Release Notes (2020-06-03)

In this Studio release, media owners can create custom media collections and share them with Studio users, as well as apply access permissions for various individuals.

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  New Features

Studio Collections

Media owners can create custom media collections and share them with Studio users. Previously, media owners would have to rely on tags to find specific content. Collections allow media owners to group content together for easy access in My Library.



Creating a collection allows media owners to organize their media library and share specific collections and media with other users. Once a collection has been created, media owners can add to the collection.


Users can record media for the collection through Screen Capture or Webcam Capture.


Collection media can also be added from uploaded computer files. Youtube videos can also be added by pasting a Youtube link into the URL field.


Additionally, media that is already uploaded to My Library can be moved to a collection, as well as moved between collections and out of collections.


Media owners can share a collection with other users and allow them to view or edit the collection.


If a user has viewing permissions, they can view and copy media from the collection, access sharing settings, as well as share the media with others. If a user has editing permissions, they can add or delete media, edit details and options, and share the media in the collection. These permissions can be changed at any time.


View existing collections feature idea


This is something my users have been asking for and it will make organization of large Studio libraries so much more accessible.  Now if we could also alphabetize content, then I think we'd really be satisfied.

I am a Canvas administrator and have added many videos to my Studio library for courses that I have built for our faculty.  These videos have then been embedded into "master" courses...which are then copied out to Fall/Spring/Summer courses.  If I start moving existing videos in my library to new Collections, will the embedded videos in those courses still work properly?  What about the Fall/Spring/Summer courses that were copied/imported from the "master" courses?  Will those embedded videos still play in courses if I move them to Collections in my Studio library?

Kendal, from what I have found in my own studio library, you can view videos in one of two ways: 1. Date Added or 2. Name. By name appears to be alphabetical. 

I'm excited about this!

I might be missing something but can you embed the collection into a page of a course?  This would really assist 

This is a wonderful improvement.  I particularly appreciate the new filters.


I do have concerns relating to permissions and how Canvas subaccount admins are also a Studio admin by default. Is it true that a subaccount admin/ Studio admin will have access to delete media and the collection, regardless of the collection share permission setting (View vs. Edit)?


This has me thinking of how three levels of Studio permissions may be useful:  View, Edit (title, description, tags, captions, but not delete), Owner (edit all and delete).



cc:  Ira Strauss

Is there a way to bulk add videos into a Collection from your main Studio dashboard, or do they need to be moved one video at a time? If the latter, who thought that was a good idea to not include this ability?

jemlingjgreen3‌  @cjacobs ‌

 @chofer ‌, have you determined if moving videos into Collections breaks any existing links?

 @audra_agnelly ...

Not yet, but I am in contact with someone at Instructure who is waiting for a response from their Product I hope we'll be able to have an answer soon.

Hi,  @chofer ‌ and  @audra_agnelly ‌,

I just heard back from the Studio product team, and they said that the embedded videos will still play in the courses. They believe this should not cause a problem mainly because nothing in the video really impacts course collections or the video info itself.

Hope this helps!



Hi,  @lauren_sayer ‌,

At this time, collections are only available in My Library and are not available in courses. 

Hope this helps!



Hi,  @sarah-canatsey ‌,

At this time, bulk actions is not available. But it is on the Studio team's radar.

Hope this helps!



I just created this Feature Idea and would appreciate your review/support: advance.

Looking forward to our Studio integration in the fall. Collections looks like it's going to really help keep Studio content organized. Excited to read this release note.

 @maritez_apigo ‌  Check out this info...

Is there a way to sync the scores students receive on a Studio quiz I created to SIS/gradebook? Thank you

@pmkrueger yes, the Studio quiz should show up in the Gradebook (per these instructions) and you can grade them in SpeedGrader. Follow your institution's procedure for syncing with your SIS.

For additional questions about Studio, you may want to join the Studio Users Group. Thanks!